Worship Service


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The Deacons are made up of twelve members of the congregation who are responsible for assisting the pastors with worship, providing flowers for the worship services and overseeing the music program of the church. Each month one of the deacons writes “The Deacon’s Corner” for the monthly church newsletter

“We believe that worship of the God we know through Jesus Christ is central to our life as Christians. Therefore, we will strive to be a church that sets time and space aside for our congregation to turn their hearts and minds to God intentionally through prayer, music, and the reading of the Bible and its proclamation; encourages people to seek opportunities to be in touch with the wonder, power, grace and love of their creator; makes it safe for people to bring all of themselves to worship – their joys and sorrows, their wholeness and brokenness. We will endeavor to be a church where people can lift up their lives to God and to one another in gratitude and reverence, for enlightenment and challenge, with the hope that God’s grace, forgiveness, and peace will transform people and human relationships for the good of God’s realm on earth.”

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Membership is not required in order to partake in Communion. The first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday and all are welcome to participate.


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Sextons count attendees and ring the church bell for the service.

Acolytes from grades 2-6 light the candles every week.

The Design Team creates harmony with themed worship services that enhance the weekly experience through the senses.  

The Flower Committee arranges altar flowers.