PURPOSE:  It is our sincere hope that you will find this facility use criteria helpful and useful and that you will feel welcome to use the buildings and facilities for your special events.  However, a facility well used requires that it be well maintained so the following guidelines have been established to insure that these premises will be around for the enjoyment of many for years to come.


1. All individuals and groups wishing to use space at the church must make a reservation through the church office.  Reservations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to church-affiliated activities.  The church reserves the right to reclaim space when required for a church activity.   Responsible use of the facilities by everyone is expected.

2. Church facilities may be used for charitable purposes intended to raise money for non-profit groups or individuals so long as the event’s purpose is consistent with the guiding principles of the United Church of Christ and the Congregational Church in Cumberland.  Church facilities may not be used for the purpose of a money- making event to profit other groups or individuals. 

3. Schools requesting to use the church facilities may have the Use of Facility Fee waived unless the use is related to a fund raiser in which case the fee will not be waived.

4. Individuals or groups for non-church related activities must submit an application to the church office.

5. Individuals or groups wishing to use the church for non-church related activities are asked to have a church sponsor who is an active member in good standing of the Congregational Church in Cumberland. 

6. The Church Office Administrator will provide keys to the church sponsor as stated on the application for use.  The church sponsor will return the keys to the church office as soon as possible after the end of the event.  Keys may be provided directly to an individual or organization where there is a long-term lease or use arrangement for the use of the facilities.

7. The custodian will check the facility after your event.  Users will be held responsible for any extra cleaning or repair expenses incurred as a result of the event.

8. It is within the discretion of the Office Administrator to determine the appropriateness the use of the Church facilities within the context of these guidelines.  If there is a question about the use or related fee, the Office Administrator will consult with the chair of the Stewardship Ministry or one of the pastors for clarification. Where the requested use of Church facilities is determined by a Pastor to be outside of these guidelines but in the best interest of the Church community, the request may be brought to the Stewardship Ministry for determination.  (It is within the Pastors' discretion to reduce fees for wedding or funerals.)

All use of church facilities must comply with safety regulations and fire codes of the town of Cumberland, State of Maine and federal government.


No smoking is permitted on Church property.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

No helium balloons are permitted inside.

Please do not use thumbtacks or pushpins on any walls in the church.  Painter’s tape may be used sparingly.

·        Please request to use the piano or organ in advance. Use is by permission only.

·        Please do not bring food in to the Sanctuary or Chapel

·        No fresh flower petals are allowed in the aisles in the Sanctuary.

·        No window or aisle candles permitted by fire code.

·        Please keep your children well supervised.

Fee Schedule