Where is the Church?

The Congregational Church in Cumberland, United Church of Christ is in Cumberland Center, Maine. Our physical address is 282 Main Street at the intersection of Blanchard Road, Cumberland. Our postal address is PO Box 247, Cumberland, ME 04021.

Which door do I enter?

Good question!  Our church building has three sections and each section has an entrance door, but every section is connected inside by an upper level and a lower level hallway...so you can get from one end of the building to the other no matter where you enter the church.

Looking at our building from the street:

The LEFT SIDE of the building contains the Parish Hall and has two levels. When you open the double doors of the entryway, you will see a staircase leading to the upper level.  The Parish Hall, up the stairs to the left, is a large gathering space where we hold church and community events. The kitchen, church office, pastors' offices and library or Farwell Room are also on the upper level. On the lower level, down the stairs, are the Maine Street Children's Center, Sunday School classrooms, boys and girls bathrooms, and offices for the Music Director and Church School Director.

The MIDDLE SECTION of the church is called The Connector.  Entering the middle door will allow access to the ELEVATOR or to another set of stairs that will take you to the upper level or down to the lower level. The Connector houses our elevator, the Chapel, and a bathroom on the upper level, and a classroom and utility rooms on the lower level, which also has an exit out to the parking lot in back of the church.

The RIGHT SIDE of the building contains the sanctuary, and the entrance doors on the left-hand side below the steeple will take you directly into the area where the church service takes place.  The lower level of the sanctuary contains two bathrooms, the nursery, and the rooms of the Cooperative Nursery School.

What will the service be like?

Once arriving at church, you will receive a Church Bulletin at the entrance to the sanctuary. The Bulletin gives the order in which various parts of the service will happen.  A sample bulletin is here for you to see.  (insert bulletin link) Feel free to ask questions of those sitting near you should you have questions.

Must I be a member of the church to partake in Communion?

Membership is not required in order to partake in communion. The first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday and all are welcome to participate.

Is there a dress code at the Church?

We have no dress code at church other than parameters related to safety concerns-such as no barefeet.

How early should I arrive for service?

The church service starts at 9:30AM and arriving five to ten minutes early is a good idea.

Where do my children go during the service?

Children stay with their parents until Children's Time, which happens 10-15 minutes into the service. At that time children are invited to the front of the church to participate in a short lesson and then leave directly for Sunday School.  At the end of the service, parents can be meet their children in their classrooms.  Any changes in this schedule, such as on Communion Sundays when children typically go to church school class during the first hymn, are generally announced at the beginning of the church service or indicated in the church bulletin, which congregants receive when arriving at the church on Sunday morning.  Nursery care for children under 3 is provided in the room below the narthex (back of the sanctuary) .

Who's welcome at our Church?

Everyone is welcome at our church.  No matter where you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here!