Discernment Team Report


What is discernment anyway? The act of perceiving, of revealing insight, of pursuing that which is obscure or distinct.

We are entering a time of discernment given the fact that we expect our longtime Pastor, Diane, will be leaving us in the calendar year 2019.   This is a natural time for us to seek to further understand who we are and what we hope to be going forward.  Discernment helps a church to state its values while hoping to attract a leader who shares its vision.

Church Council formed the Discernment Team to help us do this work.  We also hope to build on and update the findings from the 2013 New Conversations discernment process.   The UCC has resources that help churches in transition we can draw upon.  As a congregation, over the next six months, we’ll be exploring the following questions:

1.    What has our history taught us?

2.    Who are our Neighbors?

3.    Who is God calling us to become?

We are charged with reporting to Council in April 2019 with both findings for an updated profile as well as recommendations for the process to be followed at the end of Diane’s ministry with us. 

Tentative Schedule:

 January 2019:  Survey about the 2013 “New Conversations” discernment process and how we want to use those results today.

At Annual Meeting, discussion about “Who are our Neighbors?”

 February 2019:  Agape Meals on the topic of “Who is God calling us to become?”


Feel free to reach out to any of us on the Discernment Team with questions, comments:

Jim Bailinson:                       233-4299 (c) or jamesbailinson@gmail.com      

Sally Bancroft:                      829-3793 (h), 756-1222 (c) or sjbancroft@gmail.com

Christine Beacham:             489-9255 (h), 620-6117 (c) or vbeacham@me.com

Nita Dehais:                          829-3071 (h), 233-6356 or Rlbdhome@msn.com          

Larry Lathrop:                       498-9492 (h), 671-7077 (c) or llathrop1@twc.com        

Dick Maloon: 829-6643 (h) or dandsmaloon@myfairpoint.net

Nicki Piaget:                          650-3473 (c) or npiaget68@gmail.com

Kristen Silvia:                       799-8580 (h) or silvik@mmc.org   

Allison Smith, Ex Officio:    829-3419 (o), 841-0691 (c) or allisoncgsmith@gmail.com